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7 Superfoods for Healthy Hair!

To keep your hair healthy and happy, here are 7 super foods to help you achieve the best hair you've ever had.

 1.Dark Green Vegetables-Spinach, broccoli, & swiss chard are excellent sources of vitamin A & C, which helps the body produce sebum .

 2.Salmon-contains omega 3 fatty acids essential for a healthy scalp.

 3. Beans-Kidney beans and lentils provide protein to promote hair growth. They contain ample amounts of zinc, iron, & biotin.

 4.Nuts-Brazil nuts, walnuts, cashews, peacns, and almonds are excellent sources of zinc. A zince deficiency can lead to hair shedding so be sure eat a handful every day.

 5. Poultry- Chicken and turkey are high-quality proteins. They provide iron with a high level of bioavailability meaning your body can easily reap the benefits.

 6.Eggs​- Considered the best protein for hair. Also contains vitamin B-12.

 7.Carrots - Excellent source of vitamin A, promotes a healthy scalp along with good vision.

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